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Nestling in the heart of Europe in the three countries corner where Switzerland, Germany and France meet, Basel is a pocket-sized metropolis that combines proverbial Swiss quality with a multicultural population. This makes the city unmistakably open-minded, happy and innovative.


BaselArea is the economic promotion office for the Basel region of Switzerland. The Basel region is home to one of the world’s most successful life sciences clusters – with companies representing the full breadth of the life sciences – from modern biotechnology and pharmaceuticals to agribusiness and medical technology.

We assist companies who wish to establish a presence in our area, by offering advice, information and active support. Call us for more information!

The BaselArea Economic Promotion office is funded by the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Baselland, and local business organisations, and our services are free of charge. We can support you during the decision-making and establishment process by providing:

– Answers to your key questions

– Advice on establishment procedures and opportunities

– Support to find the right location, people and office space

– Contacts with experts, authorities, venture capital companies and biotech parks

BaselArea Economic Promotion

Aeschenvorstadt 36

4010 Basel


Tel. +41 61 295 50 00



10 things to do, to see

Basel port on the border triangle

Experience a microcosm of the big wide world as you take in the busy scenes at Basel’s river port. This is the border triangle: the point at which barges begin their long journey north and the hub via which raw materials are transported into Switzerland.


Look out from the vantage point behind the Cathedral, you really begin to appreciate the beauty of

Basel’s location. From this platform high above the Rhine, you enjoy a wonderful view of the city.

Solitude Park

Recharge your batteries under the ancient trees overlooking the Rhine promenade in Solitude Park.

Art lovers come here for peace and quiet – as do white-collar professionals from the surrounding
offices of global corporations.

Swimming in the Rhine

To truly understand the spirit of Basel, you need to have taken the plunge into the Rhine. Head for one of the city’s dedicated swimming platforms, put on your bathers and walk upstream. Then let yourself drift downstream before emerging on the bank in front of the old Kaserne building to bask in the sun.

Central Signal Tower SBB

Herzog and de Meuron are responsible for a number of architectural gems around the city: Central Signal Tower SBB, Schaulager, and St. Jakob-Park football ground. The architects also designed the impressive Olympic Arena in Bejing and the Tate Modern in London.

Vitra Design Museum

Bus no. 55 takes you to the Vitra Design Museum and Architecture Park in Weil am Rhein, the site of Frank O. Gehry’s first ever building in Europe and Zaha Hadid’s maiden work.

Blind man’s bluff

Close your eyes and enjoy your meal. Experience a unique evening as you dine in pitch-black darkness at the restaurant blindekuh, served by blind professionals.

Basler Fasnacht

The people of Basel describe their famous carnival as the “three most wonderful days in the year”. Following preparations that stretch all year long, “Morgestraich” marks the beginning of Fasnacht as

the city is suddenly plunged into darkness at 4.00 am in the morning of the Monday after Ash Wednesday.

The festivities come to an end 72 hours later.

February 27 – 29, city centre of Basel

Basel fashion labels

Basel is no slouch, too, when it comes to sartorial sophistication. Take the fashionable erfolg label that designs clothes for fashionconscious people, and has been doing so successfully for more than ten years, both internationally and at affordable prices.


« Läckerli » are a Basel speciality. The Läckerli- Huus on Gerbergasse sells an assorted range of these sweet biscuits – a treat for the taste buds and a feast for the eyes.


Meet Helvetia, the allegoric female figure who has symbolised Switzerland for centuries. Suitcase and spear are lying beside her as she sits on the northern side of the Mittlere Brücke and gazes downriver.

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