In its first edition, the RE(ACT) Congress brought together almost 300 people to discuss research into rare diseases and the development of active substances to treat them. What made the congress unique was the interdisciplinary collaboration. Scientists from different disciplines – stem cell researchers, geneticists, biochemists, clinicians and pharmacists – exchanged information with patient organizations.


Congress goals

  • promoting research on rare and orphan diseases among the general public, industry and policy makers
  • bringing together researchers and their knowledge
  • helping the understanding of other more common diseases
  • encouraging clear insights positions identifiable from the scientific community in university and industry

Main topics

  • Stem cell and cell therapy approaches
  • Mapping diseases and genome instabilities
  • Pathophysiology and diagnostics
  • Bringing treatments to the clinic
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Research and Patients

Scientific disciplines involved

Autoimmunity, biochemistry, cell biology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, gene therapy, human genetics, hematology, infectious diseases, inflammation, molecular and cellular biology, neuroimmunology, oncology, orphan drugs, pathology, pharmacology, primary immune deficiency, rheumatology, transplantation, virology.

RE(ACT) Congress 2012 Facts

At the 1st congress an international audience of delegates from more than 30 countries were present.


“ Congratulations for a very successful and useful conference! That was a challenge and it seems that you have succeeded. I am happy that EURORDIS could be by your side for this first.”

Yann Le Cam, CEO of EURORDIS, Paris, France

“ … it was a pleasure to partake in this fantastic meeting. Congratulations to you for putting together this event, and for your relentless efforts towards fostering research on rare diseases.”

Professor Didier Trono, Professor and Dean, School of Life Sciences, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

“ It was a pleasure to have a taste of an interesting meeting with an original and worth developing format ! “

Professor Alain Fischer, Director of the Pediatric Hematology and immunology Department and Director of the Research Institute of Genetic Diseases (Imagine), Necker University Hospital, Paris, France

“ It was such a pleasure to participate at the RE(ACT) Congress. You did a wonderful job and the meeting was a great success.”

Dr. Bernd Wollnik, E-RARE granted project coordinator, Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne, University Hospital of Cologne Department of Medicine, Germany

“ Congratulations again for your wonderful meeting, one of the highest quality I‘ve ever attended.”

Professor Mehdi Tafti, Center for Integrative Genomics, University of Lausanne, Switzerland