Workshop on the genetics of neurocognitive disorders, 7th March (12h – 14h)

Many disorders affecting higher brain functions show a remarkable overlap both at a clinical as well as a pathophysiological level. Conversely, the identical disorder may show a high variability between different patients. Since recently, progress in genetics is contributing significantly to our understanding of what causes variation in neurocognitive disease. This workshop will highlight some of the insights gained on the genetics and pathophysiology of selected neurodevelopmental and neurocognitive disorders. Speakers will include:

  • Nicolas Charlet-Berguerand, IGBMC Strasbourg, France (RNA-diseases)
  • Sven Cichon, University of Basel, Switzerland (complex neuropsychiatric traits)
  • Michel Koenig, IGBMC Strasbourg, France (hereditary ataxias)
  • Heiko Runz, University of Heidelberg, Germany (neurometabolic disease)


Detailed Program Workshop Neurocognitive Disorders


The event is initiated and organized by NPSuisse, the Swiss Association for Niemann-Pick Diseases, and kindly supported by Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Allschwil.

All conference attendees are invited to attend, but space may be limited.


Please register for the congress and mark the lunch event during the registration process. Number of participants is limited to 100.


Gehry Building, Small Auditorium, Level -3



NPSuisse, the Association of Niemann-Pick families in Switzerland, is managed by parents, relatives and friends of Niemann-Pick patients. NPSuisse aims to inform and support scientists interested in Niemann-Pick diseases type A,B or C and similar disorders. The association has initiated the Loire Valley Meeting on Niemann-Pick type C and is member of the International Niemann Pick Disease Alliance (INPDA).

Niemann-Pick type C disease

Niemann-Pick C disease (NP-C) is a rare lysosomal lipid storage disorder. Patients typically show a progressive neurocognitive decline. Thanks to fundamental research, knowledge on this disease has improved considerably in during the recent years, but considerable challenges remain. A compendium on NP-C is available upon request (