Botond Roska (Swiss Showcase)

Botond Roska, MD PhD, co-founder (of Gensight), is a senior group leader at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basel Switzerland. He was educated at University of California Berkeley, Harvard University and Harvard Medical School as well as at Semmelweis Medical School. His group studies the structure and function of the retina. His group pioneered retina cell type specific optogenetic vision restoration (Lagali et al., Nature Neuro. 2008, Busskamp et al, Science, 2010). He received several international prizes and awards: EMBO member (2011) Alcon Award (2011) VIVA Award (2010) ERC Starting Investigator (2010) EMBO Young Investigator (2009) Marie Curie Excellence Grant (2006) HFSP Young Investigator (2003) Harvard Society Fellow (2002) HFSP Short Term Fellow (2001) Bearden Memorial Award for biophysics (2001) Fulbright Fellow (1997).

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